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VIII. „Istria” Music Festival
  Destination: Croatia – Vrsar
  Date: 12 – 15 September 2024
  Price: 159 euro

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the extraordinary world of artistic expression and cultural celebration! I am thrilled to invite you to the heart of the stunning Istrian Peninsula for the most unforgettable international event – the VIII. „Istria” Music Festival.
Imagine your ensemble amidst the ancient charm of Vrsar, where the breathtaking Adriatic Sea serves as your backdrop, and the cobblestone streets echo with centuries of history. Our festival is a vibrant tapestry of diverse art forms, uniting folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance troupes, choirs, and music bands from every corner of the globe.
Vrsar, with its idyllic setting, offers the perfect stage for your performance and cultural exchange. From the colorful folklore traditions to the harmonious melodies of world

 Further Information
•Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, choirs, music bands from all over the world
•Choirs who are able to perform on open-air stages
•The number of the participants are not limited
•No age limits
•Number of seats are limited!

Participation fee
159 euro per person
(Addition day can be booked for 52 euro per person per day)


Participation fee includes
•Participation in the festival
•Accommodation in Lanterna Apartments 2 **


Rooms: Each group (over 20 persons) receive
3 apartments for 2 persons
The rest will be accommodated in 3-4-6 bedded apartments
(6 bedded apartments with two bedrooms)
Supplement for a single apartment is 30 euro per person per day

•Half-board-buffet, drinks included
•City tax
•Diplomas, gifts
•Organization expenses
Participation fee does not include
•Optional programs (only recommendations, not arranged by the organizers)
Application deadline: 15 February 2024


12 September
Afternoon arrival at the Hotel, meeting with group leader’s and festival organizers, discussing the programs of the next day’s
Disco in Lanterna
13 September
Optional program, visit 3 cities.
Pula – one of the oldest Istrian towns whose history goes back for 2000 years. Take a walk through the town, see the Arena, Triumphal arch of the Sergi family, temple of Augustus and many more
Rovinj -according to many one of the most beautiful Istrian towns. Built on an island with lots of colorful houses with Venetian architecture, squeezed one to another and to the very edge by the sea and with the wonderful church of St. Euphemia on the very top of the island in which you can still see the sarcophagus from the early 4th century. After the sightseeing of the town and an organized lunch you can enjoy the remaining time to explore the old streets of Rovinj.
Poreč antic town with the Decumanus street and the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century that represents the real example of Byzantine art with its well-known mozaics. There is also the old Roman house and many more of the cultural monuments that still live in the legends and history of the region. On the other hand Poreč is a modern touristic town, the center of tourism that attracts many tourists with different events.

Performance in the evening at the beach seide of Vrsar
Festival disco in Lanterna
14 September
Breakfast in the Hotel, fully day trip visiting most fascinating cities of Central Istra. Motovun- In the northern part of Istria, overlooking the Mirna River valley, lies surely the most famous and attractive Istrian medieval town of Motovun. This captivating hilltop town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian interior.
Groznjan – Grožnjan, a small Istrian town of great cultural significance not only in Croatia but also internationally, lives its summer months very intensely.

Visiting Dvigrad castle near Kanfanar.
Svetvinčenat – The medieval town of Svetvinčenat, situated in the southern part of central Istria, is one of those Istrian jewels that has been discovered only recently. It offers a variety of tourist offer such as events taking place at extremely attractive historical sites of this town.

Festival disco in Lanterna
15 September
Breakfast, departure of participants

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